About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to secure the highest quality, cost effective and compassionate care, to all our users of our services and advocate best practice in the delivery of all services.

Our Vision

The Doctors, Nurses and all staff are dedicated to the provision of high quality patient care and best practice through the delivery of services which are patient centred, timely, considerate and responsive to the needs of our patient population and supported by a clear focus on customer service.

To achieve this, we will:-

  • Listen to and understand the needs of our patients.
  • Involve our patients in decisions about their care
  • Remain caring, friendly and open at all times for all our patients
  • Provide an environment which is clean, safe and conducive to high quality patient care.
  • Provide urgent appointments for those with immediate and urgent medical needs
  • Provide the opportunity for telephone communication with a clinician where appropriate
  • Recall and review patients with ongoing and chronic health conditions and repeat medications.
  • Work as a practice in accordance with national guidelines whilst working with the wider healthcare environment to deliver innovative solutions
  • Provide excellent customer service, ensuring we respond to our patients in an open, caring and timely manner.
  • Support training for clinical and non-clinical staff encouraging Continuous Professional Development
  • Utilise available technology to enable all our clinical & non-clinical staff to respond effectively to your healthcare needs and embrace change and innovative thinking keeping governance and security to the fore
  • Maintain high standards and safety with our prescribing and ensure a time frame of two working days for repeat medication is met
  • Work closely with our patients to communicate change and receive constructive feedback and observation
  • Respond quickly and pro-actively to any concerns patients may have about the service they receive from us and operate a robust Complaints system.
  • Ultimately to be a general practice that patients feel comfortable to visit and feel safe in the knowledge they will be offered a good primary care service.